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Software Feature Spotlight: Caller ID

Software Feature Spotlight: Caller ID
April 26, 2017

This week’s software spotlight features the use of Caller ID integrated into your POS system. While this may not seem exciting at first, the way that POSsible POS has integrated this feature will streamline your business! To activate this great feature, simply log onto the POSsible POS Restaurant System and click “enable caller ID”.



Once activated, customer information is displayed when you receive an incoming call. This is a great feature for any Quick Service Restaurant. Picture yourself working at a pizza shop and a call comes in while you are servicing a customer. Instead of simply hearing call waiting notification, in the bottom right hand corner of the register the phone number of the incoming call appears. If it is a customer that is already in your system, their name will pop up and clicking on it will take you to their customer information and previous orders. If it is not a previous customer, you can still click on it and create a customer profile. 



This feature not only helps you build and manage your customer database, but it improves the guest experience. When you take that customer off hold and can greet them (by name), it creates a feeling of appreciation for the customer on the other end of the phone. The customer may no longer be annoyed about being put on hold and think “wow, they remember me!” This helps all of your clients feel like regulars and remembered.


POSsible POS is constantly adding new features and functionalities to their software to make it work better for your business. If you own or manage a restaurant, this functionality will help improve your customer experience and help you maintain an organized customer database. Give it a try today!


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