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Restaurant POS System Designed to Scale

Restaurant POS System Designed to Scale
April 15, 2015

We are operating in the cloud era, where data intelligence can be leveraged with great ease to make opportunistic business decisions that matter. When considering among restaurant POS system providers, if your goal is to expand, you ought to take into factor how the POS system meets franchisor reporting requirements or offers multi-unit data intelligence to automate insights management.


Restaurant Insights Reporting

Being a franchisor or multi-unit operator, real-time reporting at your fingertips can offer insights on how and where to optimize your marketing efforts. Have you noticed a dip in sales in a specific geographic market? You can then utilize social media scanning tools to identify the activities and promotions that are being offered by your competitors. Have you noticed a dip in sales in a specific store? With a side-by-side comparison of stores within the same market or similar market, you can easily identify areas of opportunity and make quick decisions to support your franchisees or per unit-store to act on the declining sales trend, whether its inventory, management or marketing related opportunities.


The primary goal of all businesses is to grow and thrive. Leveraging insights at a market level can provide data intelligence specific to your business model and brand, and help you identify market area opportunities for expansion. With that reasoning, it would make sense for a POS system to allow flexibility in reporting criteria per category and per market basis. To further elaborate on this insights necessity, if you desire to expand to a market where you identify strong sales in a specific category rather than the general store-wide categories, you can easily roll out stores with a strong emphasis on the desired category relevant to the geographic market coupled with complementary offering communications.


Restaurant Franchisor Compliance

You have invested great time and effort into building your brand, and now you want to offer it as a franchise model or expand to multi-units, but how can you manage the brand experience, and in turn, protect your brand’s image? Inventory and customer service are the primary focus areas that directly impact customer experience as a result of management efforts. Is the pricing controlled according to corporate of franchisor guidelines? Is there adequate inventory to support sales volume? How well was the brand patrons experience at a specific store? A robust POS system allows capabilities to support brand-building initiatives. 


Restaurant Franchisee Optimization

Every franchisee or store manager has a vested interest to drive optimal profitability. An ideal POS system should not be a task of its own to manage, rather serve as an automated consultant guiding your day to day business decisions. It should provide customized reporting capabilities to create a dashboard for you to monitor your specific needs and goals. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have internal benchmarking on store sales or at a per category level? If you have the discretion to order inventory, would you not value learning from other store operators on how they maximize the store’s cash flow while maintaining optimal sales? These are just few of the benefits that an innovative POS system solution provides in the current cloud era.


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