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Become a Reseller

Become a reseller

Reseller Application

POSsible POS is the only company in the nation that truly offers a complete all-in-one pos system solution that includes the hardware, software, credit card integration, installation, training and ongoing support. We do all the work for you! Partner with us for the next generation of POS system and support.

Merchant Sign Up

Reseller signs up Merchant using POSsible POS' New Merchant Form. Reseller has the option of signing up the merchant with their own credit card processing service or using POSsible POS' preferred vendor.

Process Application

Reseller e-mails or faxes all information to POSsible POS. POSsible POS' Implementation Team will call Reseller to verify all information and including POS hardware and software set-up.

Setup & Customization

POSsible POS will build and connect the custom POS system, download the software, and test all equipment and peripheral of the POS solution

Software Integration

POSsible POS will integrate credit processing services on the POS system using the approved payment processor for the merchant. Test transaction will be conducted to ensure a seamless integration.

Final Checks & Shipment

After all final Quality Control Checks are performed on the POS System, it is then labeled, tagged, packaged together and shipped to the merchant location. [We even drop ship to your merchant using the Reseller's name.]


Once the merchant receives the POS System, they can call POSsible POS' Toll Free number and one of our Installation Specialists will help them to connect all the components, and check all connections and run test transactions to ensure smooth operation of the POS System.

Interactive Training

The merchant will be able to access remote desktop training using POSsible POS' state of the art interactive module.

Ready to Use!

Once the Merchant is ready to use the POS System, and they must complete a telephone verification for all equipment, installation and training. This verification is electrically transmitted to our the Reseller for record-keeping and quality assurance.